Cuban 1915 coin-set sold for $473K

20 peso CubaIn 1915 Philadelphia Mint struck 6 gold coins specially for Cuba. In 2018 they were sold for $473K. These extremely rare coins made of gold were presented at 24th Sedwick Treasure auction in November 2018 in Orlando, FL.

The total of six coins were sold one by one but represented the whole set of coins struck for Cuba in Philadelphia. As a result, they were sold for $473,025 with the buyer’s fee included. All the six coins were bought by the same person.

10 peso CubaThe six coins nominal value is 1, 2, 4, 5, 10- and 20-peso coins. 5 out of six coins (except for 5-peso coin) were certified as Specimen strikes by Numismatic Guaranty Corp. In the series these coins are the only certified.

The first gold coins ordered by the Republic of Cuba were in 1915. Charles Barber from US Mint was the responsible engraver for this project. The coins were struck at the Philadelphia Mint.

5 peso CubaThree largest coins in this series are made of the same size and weight as the US gold coins of that time like half eagles, eagles and double eagles and it is not a coincidence. The same was with 1-, 2- and 4-peso nominal values, as by that time there were no similar nominals in the American mint.

One side of the coins has a legendary engraving of the national hero of Cuba - Jose Marti with the text ‘Patria Y Libertad’, meaning ‘the homeland & freedom’. The other side has the legend with weapons and engraved text of the name of Cuban Republic and nominal value of the coin.

1 peso CubaThe six coins of this collection are truly unique, especially gathered in one collection with 5 coins out of 6 with Specimen strikes. Being a Specimen, they were made with more details and force, rims are more visible and rather squared. The planchets were more detailed creating more polished and shiny lines. All the imperfections that could have been on a planchet were transferred to the coin and are visible. The fields look like Proof however the specification and quality are higher. As a result, the coins have semi-matte finish. Please, take into consideration that 5-peso coin was marked as a Mint State and nor Specimen or Proof.

The coins were collected by the consignor to show one sample of each nominal value.

Here you can find the prices per piece for the coins, with their Numismatic Guaranty Corp grade:

20-peso coin, Specimen 63, $130,900, minimal $20,000 and can be higher.

10-peso coin, Specimen 64, $107,100, minimal $10,000 and can be higher.

5-peso coin, Mint State 66+, $77,350, minimal $6,000 and can be higher.

4-peso coin, Specimen 64, $53,550, minimal a $5,000 and can be higher.

2-peso coin, Specimen 66, $65,450, minimal $6,000 and can be higher.

1-peso coin, Specimen 66, $38,675 minimal $2,000 and can be higher.

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