4 Most Common Questions About Coin Collecting (Part 2)

3. Coins to Invest In

Money, coinOne of the most frequently asked questions people ask is which coin every collector must have in their collection? Here we need to look not only at the way coin looks, but their collecting value, as it is one of the most important investments that usually brings lots of profits to the owner. Here are three important instances for you to pay attention to.

Error coins

This type is one of the most popular in coin collecting community. The coins that were produced in a wrong way during the mint. Error coins are quite similar to rare ones, as they aren’t usually released, because the error is uncovered earlier. That’s why it makes people all over the world go crazy over error coins, as it is a chance to be a collector of a unique coin. Such coins are valued more than their initial value. An amazing instance of mint-manufacturing error coin is 1969-S Doubled Die Lincoln Penny, which was sold in 2008 for $126,500.

Bullion Coins

Usually bullion coins are bought as an investment. However, they are an excellent extra point for your collection, as they can be valuable in many senses. Bullion coins are struck from precious metals, such as gold, platinum, silver and palladium. Due to their precious metals bullion content they are very valuable and popular.

Olympic / Sporting coins

Once in 4 years people all over the world gather in one place and compete with their best sportsmen, and usually mints struck special coins for this occasion. They have historic meaning, they are quite easy to find and they are a perfect theme to start your collection from. Each sporting coin is a special edition and has a story behind that.

4. Places to Find Collectible Coins

Boy, coinAt first try how lucky you are and check your wallet or change jar. Maybe you have some coins from the time you travelled somewhere, it is a perfect time to check its history, maybe you are rich and unaware of it. Also, browse through online auctions, and offline ones can also offer something interesting to you. Join communities of people who share the same interest, expand your knowledge, observe their trends and behavior. It’s about time when you are as passionate as they are. Note: TV auctions are bad places to look for something real, also avoid auctions you find suspicious and always double check information.