The Last Proof Coins will be Presented at the Ceremony of the Keys Collection

UK Tower silver set“The Ceremony of the Keys” is the last collection of Tower of London edition coins issued by the Royal Mint of UK in 2019. It was launched on 6th of August 2019 and is dedicated to one of the UK’s most important historical places and prominent ceremonies that started its history from Edward’s III’s reign back in 1340.

Every night at 21:52 the Chief Yeoman Warder, canonically dressed in red watch coat and bonnet, appears from Byward Tower with a lantern and the Queen Keys. He goes to the warding of soldiers near the Bloody Tower. After that together with soldiers he goes to the main gates of the Tower. At 22:00 sharp he and the Tower watchman make sure to close the external and internal Tower gates. After that he brings the bonnet to the air, saying “God preserve Queen Elizabeth” and the guard should say “Amen”, the soldiers are playing “The Last Post” song. The keys should get back to the Tower and only after that the guard is free to go.

The coin’s back side is created by skillful craftsmen Glyn Davies and includes the keys and lamp to showcase the figurative and practical details of the ceremony also involving an outstanding Tower mint mark. The amazing design which is compared to the work of art is an ideal dedication to one of the Tower’s most long-lasting and distinctive formalities. The reverse design of every piece in the collection depicts a segment of the ancient walls and also includes an outstanding Tower mint mark, which is an innovation in a UK coin collection. The mint mark displays the White Tower. It highlights the link among the London Tower and The Royal Mint, which was working within this historical building for hundreds of years. Each and every coin from this series has the fifth numismatic effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II brought to the world by Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark and implemented in UK circulation and coinage back in 2015.

Denomination Metal Weight Ø Quality Max Mintage
£ 5Cupro-nickel28.2 g38.6 mmBU.Unltd
£ 5.925 Silver28.2 g38.6 mmPR3,800
£ 5.925 Silver56.5 g38.6 mmPR950
£ 10.999 Silver156.2 g65 mmPR425
£ 25.9999 Gold7.79 g22 mmPR800
£ 5.9167 Gold39.94 g38.6 mmPR325
£ 10.999 Gold156.2 g50 mmPR35

The cupro-nickel crown coin is represented in a bright folder with brief recap of the Tower’s history. The Proof strikes made of silver are introduced in custom dark faux-leather packaging and have the authenticity certificate included.

Every gold Proof coin is provided with a burnished hardwood packaging and in addition to that has a certificate of authenticity with serial number.

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