Auctioning through local Auctioneers

auctioningLocal auctioneers are the people who generally accept all kinds of coins for sale. Low value coins are mostly sold to the unsophisticated bidders at a higher value for more and more money. However, it is seen that coins that are more expensive are sold very little as compared to the low value coins. Local auctioneers sell any product that they get.

They might not be having a particular idea for selling coins and bank notes. Certainly, you should check to see whether the local auctioneer is capable of selling your coins or not. Before handing your consignment to a local auctioneer make sure that you have a written agreement, and it should be mentioned whether or not your consignment is covered under your insurance or under the insurance of the auctioneer. Also, make sure that it is mentioned in the agreement that the auctioneer is liable for the loss of the property in case of theft or damage until it is in auctioneer's possession.