Banshee on Canadian 25 cents

The third and final coin in the Royal Canadian Mint's has This is the third and the last release of "Haunted Canada Series" of our partnership. You should hurry up to get this limited series. The coins have a diameter of 35 mm. 25 cents celebrates the legendary Ghost of Bell Island. The coinage is 20,000.

Banshee on Canadian 25 cents

The banshee is shown on the reverse in a lenticular technology. The image perfectly shows the feelings of those who experienced this woman in the marches near Dobbin's Garden on the famous island.

This island is located in Newfoundland and/or Labrador. According to the local legends, that such mysterious creatures as pixies or fairies claimed a young lady that once wondered the isle's marshes. The townsmen hear her cries of help but they ignored them because they were too afraid of those strange creatures.

Thus, the young soul of that unknown lady was forever trapped in that location and it ventures there until the present day. She has two faces. One is a beautiful and kind lady. Another one is of a furious banshee. Anyone who enters the marshes after the dusk may meet her.

Those marshes are actually strange and terrifying. Some say that people went to those places and were missing for days. After they returned that did not even know how long they were absent. People suspect the evil witch. However, all of them remember a young lady, which can suddenly turn into a scary witch. Both of her faces are perfectly depicted on this unique coin.