Some methods of collecting Canadian Centennial medals of 1967

Canadian Centennial medals of 1967

In his book, 1967: The Last Good Year, Pierre Burton touches themes of development with the simultaneous undergoing of the western society. But the main idea of the book may be taken for the collecting of Canadian medallions. During 1950s (the post war period) the collecting of coins and medallions became very popular because only such things could commemorate some historical events as well as to attract tourists. In 1960s this popularity continues.

In Canada the peak of medallions production was in 1967. It was connected with the celebration of the centenary of Confederation (independence of country of the British Colonies). 1967 was the most prolific year as for production of medallions in the history of Canada. Hundreds of different medallions were produced that year.

Nowadays people continue to collect Canadian Centennial medals and medallions. They still supplement their collections even with the medals which are almost impossible to find.

The collection of the medallions can tell all the history of Canada starting 1950s!

In 3 specialty areas it is possible to collect 1967 Canadian medals.

Collector of Centennial issues 'Purist'

The collector of Centennial issues 'purist' is the category of people who collects only products with the Centennial signs on it. An example of such symbol is eleven equilateral triangle which form maple leaf and symbolizes ten provinces. Some collectors can even find issue of 1867-1967 with Canadian symbols on it too.