Christmas Tree Made of Gold in Germany

tree, coin, goldUsually green and red colors are associated with Christmas, however, in Germany gold is taking first positions this year. Pro Aurum a precious metals company has joined in a venture with the Austrian Mint to create a golden Christmas tree.

Christmas tree consists of 2,018 Vienna Philharmonic 1-ounce gold coins its value is around $2,6 million dollars. It is located at the Munich’s headquarter of Pro Aurum available to see by everyone. So far it is the most expensive Christmas tree in Europe and the only one that requires security service to be around.

This Christmas tree is about 3 meters (9’8 ft) high and its weight is more than 60 kilograms. It is constructed from four triangles that combine into acrylic pyramid. The peak of the tree is embellished by 20 oz Philharmonic gold coin issue. It is located on the platform that is spinning, showing all the beauty and luxury of this tree.

A tree like this has already been created and displayed in Japan 2 years ago and it led to a massive excitement of the international and local publicity.

This tree is a special gesture to mark the end of a very successful 2018 for the Austrian Mint and the start of this one. 2019 will be a year of 825th anniversary of Austrian Mint or Mint in Vienna, accompanied by a wide variety of events and special editions. Austrian Mint will be a Guest of Honor at “World Money Fair” this year in Berlin.

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