Canadian 2017 Coins Shaped Like Football

The partnership Royal Canadian Mint has offered its customers very interesting and actually beautiful coins. They are covered with gold or silver. They are designed in the form of a football ball. This is a very uncommon and really attractive design.

Canadian 2017 Coins Shaped Like Football, 200 dollars

There are two of them – a golden one and the one out of silver. They are much alike. Even their shape is the same. Therefore, you may not look for any dissimilarities. This is a great benefit. Some people may not like the shape but will like the color. Accordingly, you may not break your head against the wall when making such a complicated choice.

The engraving techniques are incredible and give a real image of a ball. You can purchase any to your liking right now at a reasonable price - $25 for the silver coin and $200 for the gold coin.

Canadian 2017 Coins Shaped Like Football, 25 dollars

You will also find Susanna Blunt's effigy of Queen Elizabeth II on the heads side.

Please, view the given below table with the specifications of these unique coins.

Both gold and silver have the purity of 99.99%. The mintage for a gold coin is 550 and 8,500 for silver coin. The weight of gold and silver coin is 31.23 g and 31.66 g respectively. The diameter of the gold coin is 44x26.4 and 48x30.33 for a silver one. Both are serialized and have RCM engravers. The face of Susanna Blunt is present on the heads sides of both coins.