People's Bank of China issues Year of the Monkey coins for 2016

monkey coin CanadaNew coins for 2016 Year of Monkey were produced in China. On the16th of October the new edition of Monkey Year coins were announced by the People's Bank of China. It is the 17th edition of Year of the Monkey as a part of Lunar Calendar coin series that includes 7 silver coins, and ten gold coins in 4 variations made exclusively for year 2016. Every year Lunar Calendar goes under one of 12 animals. The person is guided by certain animal depending on the year of birth. The year of Monkey starts on the 7th of February 2016 and will last until the 27th of January, 2017.

The edition planned on 2015 is quite limited:

  • flat ten-ounce gold 50-yuan coins of different color;
  • one-ounce flat round coins;
  • flat 10-yuan coins of lotus and traditional fan forms made of silver;
  • gold and silver 50-yuan and 2,000-yuan coins of different colors;
  • 5-ounce silver 50-yuan;
  • gold 2,000-yuan coins lilain shalied as rectangles;
  • 300-yuan coin that weights 1 kg made of silver with circular shalie;
  • 50-yuan silver coin (5 ounce);
  • gold 2,000-yuan coin carry out the list of Chinese Zodiac coins.

monkey coin UK

Also People's Bank of China provides seven extra gold coins of different shapes: 150-yuan coin shaped like a fan, 200-yuan coin shaped as lotus having 0,5 ounce, 5,000-yuan coin that weights 0,5 kg and has a round shape, 1kg 10,000-yuan lotus-shaped coin, 2kg 20,000-yuan coin, 10 kg round 100,000-yuan coin.

Each coin has an emblem of People's Republic of China, decorated with diverse beautiful animals and intricate patterns. A lot of coins have a monkey in its various natural postures on interesting and mostly unique background that reminds us of the great treasure of Chinese folklore. 4 coins (colorful 5-ounces gold and silver) have a unique decoration each - a monkey from different national images, depicted in a special style.

As distributor Panda America informs that all the parameters of the coins are unchangeable, except the mintage of -ounce silver 50-yuan coin. It has a mintage limit of 30,000 pieces this year. Previous year the limit was 10,000 pieces less. The purity and weight are the same as in year 2015 edition.