Treasury Releases the Last Image for Novel Pound Coin

One Pound 2016The Treasury of Her Majesty has released the last images of the novel £1 coin. It will begin its official circulation from March of the upcoming year. The coin is manufactured out of aluminum–zinc and transitions a 12–sided shape. Its formulation is going to be bimetallic. The outer ring will be golden-colored. The central disc will be in a silver color.

One of the most remarkable features of the novel coin will be its high level of security. It will be one of the most protected coins in the world. It was made to combat the multiple fake products of the previous versions. There are about 45 million of the fake coins that are still circulating. The statistics tell that at 2.5% of those illegal coins is currently in the usage. The novel coin contains different small details, such as micro-lettering and so on. In addition, the number “1” can be seen from different angles.

One Pound 2016Mind that the weight will be different from the common standards. It became possible thanks to various shape and metallic formulation. It will not suit most of the vending machines, shopping carts and so on. All these machines will be renovated and their price will be high. There will be created about 500,000 vending machines throughout the U.K. They will manufacture the novel coins and thus, it will be easier to reduce the percentage of fakes. Under the condition, you are interested in all available sizes and types of the coins, you may visit In such way, you will know which coins wee changed and withdrawn from the circulation. There will be the information about the weight, size and other details of the novel coins.

In the period of time between March and September, all the old coins will be out of circulation and will become illegal. The businesses are obliged to accept the new order. The officials are urging all businesses to be sure that they know how to handle the necessary equipment and how to recognize fakes and the legal items. Due to the unique features, it is not supposed to be difficult. The first version of the coin was introduced in the year 1983 in order to cease the domination of paper banknotes. At first, there appeared 440 million exemplars. Since the year 1084, there have been released multiple coins with different images on both sides. Each of them represented some essential part of the U.K.

The novel reverse contains the emblems of all nations that are the part of the United Kingdom – rose, leek, thistle and shamrock. It was introduced in 2015.