Quarter designs of 2017 are being selected by the Commission of Fine Arts

An opinion of the CFA (the Commission of Fine Arts) and an opinion of the CCAC (the Citizen's Coinage Advisory Committee) regarding the designs of Effigy Mounds of Iowa and Ellis Island of New Jersey quarter coins do not coincide. So, this question is still opened that is why the commission met on the 18th of December to estimate applicants again.

The CFA advises to use detailing and relief while sculpting. They said that such manner of fulfillment would display the form and the relief of the mounds the best.

Effigy Mounds

As for the Citizen's Coinage Advisory Committee, they prefer design IA-09. The preference of the superintendent of the Effigy Mounds is the same.

The CFA changed their choice regarding the Ellis Island quarter. During the last meeting they chose design NJ-06. The scene of this design shows the immigrant family arriving on the boat to Ellis Island. The project of this scene has a deep meaning. It generalizes all the group immigrants which come to Ellis Island.

Ellis Island

Previously design NJ-01 had been pitched upon by the commission. NJ-01 was pitch upon by the CCAC on the 16th of February on their meeting as well.

Variants of designs preferred by the CFA and the CCAC will be passed to U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew for the estimation and consideration.

5 quarter releases are planned for 2017. Ellis Island and Effigy Mounds quarters coin releases will be the 1st and 4th.