The Royal Mint Selects Designer for 2016 Remembrance Day Coin

This project was inspired by a simple but very noble wreath, which lies at the foot of The Royal Mint's that is on the war memorial. This very memorial is was created out of bricks from The Royal Mint's. It honors all those who gave their lives in the course of that terrible war. It has a huge meaning for all of us. It reminds of the days of fear and the reign of death.

2016 Remembrance Day Coin

Thomas Docherty is the current designer of the novel coin who was picked up for the accomplishing of this important and noble task. This masterpiece honors the special Remembrance Day. Conventionally, it depicts the poppy. This flower is the world-recognized symbol of recollection. The author beautifully introduces this great flower to honor all who fell while the war.

This coin is made out of silver proof and Uncirculated of Brilliant. It was printed in color with the assistance of special and innovative technologies. This is a universal printing process, which captures all the details of this incredible masterpiece.

The Inscription

There was chosen a special and very touching inscription. 'Their name liveth for evermore' you can find this inscription on many war memorials. It shows a great honor and thankfulness to the fallen heroes who fought for our freedom. The inscription means that though the bodies of the heroes are buried the memory of their heroic deeds will be never forgotten.

In addition, this passage is widely used by some authors and is quoted on the Remembrance Days.

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