United States Mint Silver Eagle Assignment Rises to 1 Million

American Silver EagleA larger amount of American Eagle 999 fine silver coins are available during last few weeks, than earlier this month.

Since July 2015 the US Mint has shortened the sales of American Silver Eagle bullions, and now they have raised the amount of coins on almost 4.4% during October 2015, and it makes 1,043,500 pieces. Two weeks ago the supply was 1 million coins, and during the previous week the total amount was 970,000 coins.

The coins that have been minted during the whole summer were sold a few days after they've become available for purchasing. After couple of weeks the amount of the leftover coins was 113,500 pieces.

American Silver EagleIt isn't that easy to buy these coins, as they are not available for direct buying. There is a special network of authorized purchasers and coins can be bought only through it. Authorized purchasers are the type of mediators that include mostly dealers, specialists in metals, professional coin collectors, brokers and other financial agents. They pay 2 dollars extra to the explicit price of each piece they attain.

Nowadays the sales of American Silver Eagle are on their way to establish a new record. 38,986,000 silver coins are sold now that is 8, 1% higher than for the same period in 2014. By the end of 2014 there were sold 44,006,000 of 999 fine silver pieces, and by the October 2015 the official data informs about 36,066,000 coins sold.