Australia issues Collectible Coins in March, 2016 - Centenary Proof Coins

Returned & Services League (RSL) Centenary Proof Coins 2016 made of Gold or Silver

RSL coinsIn 1916 Returned & Services League was established in Australia. This year one century of its foundation is celebrated. For this reason 1/4 –ounce coin made of gold and 1-ounce coin made of silver were released. Emblem of RSL adorns reverse of both of these variants of coin. Finish of coins is proof.

Number of golden (99.9%) coins available is 1 000 pieces. 5 000 of silver (99/9%) coins are going to be sold. Every coin has an authenticity certificate with its unique number. Purchase of coin is accompanied with an illustrated shipper.

1/4 ounce Gold Proof Coin 2016 with Face Value 25$ Devoted to 100 Years since Anzac Day

RSL coinsIn 2016 the Perth Mint has issued 1/4 ounce gold Proof Coin with face value 25$ devoted to 100 Years since Anzac Day which became a part of Anzac Spirit Coin series dedicated to 100th Anniversary.

Australian soldier in hat with the gun and rucksack is drawn on the coin which is made of 99.99% pure gold. 1 000 of such coins will be available.

The theme for 1/2 ounce Silver Proof Coin 2016 with face value 50c Became Tiger Cubs

New Tiger Cubs coin 2016 refilled the cubs series of the Perth Mint. It is ½ ounce silver coin with colorful marvelous picture on the 99.9% pure silver base. Two little playing tiger cubs are drawn here. Mintage of such kind of coin is 5 000.

Cubs of the other animals, particularly leopard, jaguar, lynx and white lion are planned to be drawn on the next coins of the series.

In 2016 Deadly and Dangerous series is supplemented by 1$ Death Adder 1-ounce Silver Coin with Proof Quality

RSL coinsThe Deadly and Dangerous series of coins by the Perth Mint, which includes 10 coins, was supplemented by the 11th one. Striking Death Adder snake is drawn here.

Tuvalu uses these coins legally. Each coin is made of 1-ounce of .999 fine silver. Coins have proof quality. Up to 5 000 coins are planned to be produced.

Australia issues Collectible Coins in March, 2016